TME magnetic sump plug (Universal Honda)


Product Description TME magnetic sump plug (Universal Honda)
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H-Gear magnetic Sump Plug. We only use neodymium magnets - the strongest available! No matter how regularly you change your oil, or what grade or quality of oil you use, wear will still take place, causing metal particles to appear in the oil itself. These then circulate around, potentially causing further wear and terminal damage. This powerful magnetic sump plug (it's able to lift a big hammer!) attracts the aforementioned particles and keeps them safely out of the way until your next oil change, when the plug can be removed and cleaned. Simple but effective, supplied complete with new aluminium crush washer. Suitable for Honda and Mitsubishi.

-Torque: 39NM
Check this after aproxm. 100 km (just to be sure)
-Color: Grey/Gun Metal

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