HAMP Synergy (SMALL) oil filter (All Honda's 88-12)


Product Description HAMP Synergy (SMALL) oil filter (All Honda's 88-12)
Sales price 8,86 €
Base price with tax 11,58 €


HAMP Synergy are aftermarket products designed by Honda and are a step up from the "Honda Original Parts" products.
These are the SHORTIE/SMALL versions as used by some of top Japanese race teams such as Spoon. They are known for increasing oil pressure by 3-4psi.
The HAMP oil filter can be used on any Honda, but was specifically designed for use with the VTEC and iVTEC cars in mind. Features include a unique release valve that dynamically adjusts to the conditions within the filter to keep the oil flow and pressure constant.
The HAMP oil filter will last longer and filter better than any of the oil filters currently on the market.

This filter fits almost all Honda models, apart from the S2000.

Please note: The latest batch of HAMP filters are Blue instead of Green. The filter/quality will be exactly the same.


-Universal Honda

-Not S2000

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