Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex System Masterkit PU (Civic/CRX 83-87)

Product Description Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex System Masterkit PU (Civic/CRX 83-87)
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Energy Suspension PU masterkit.

This masterkit contains:

-Front Control Arm Bushings
-Rear Control Arm Bushings
-Front Sway Bar and End Bushings
-Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Bushings
-Shifter Stabilizer Bushings (Manual Transmission Only)
-Ball Joint End Boots
-Tie Rod End Boots


-Increases vehicle stability and control as well as durability.
-Reduces wheel hop and traction loss.
-Made of Energy's HYPER FLEX performance polyurethane to add performance and durability
-Heavy duty metal components are used, for increased strength, when applicable
-A real must to use for sport compact competition and performance uses.

The difference between the red and black Energy Suspension bushing:

The only difference between the red and black parts is that most Black Energy Suspension parts are Graphite Impregnated. This serves to help self lubricate the bushings. The Red parts do not have this characteristic. Aside from the actual color and the lack of being Graphite Impregnated - the red parts are essentially the same as the black.
The red parts have the same durometer (hardness) as the Black parts and differ only in their actual appearance (color) and the fact that they're NOT graphite impregnated like the Black parts.

Please select your preferred colour in the drop down menu

Applicable to:

-Civic 83-87 1.2/1.3/1.5/1.5 GT
-CRX 83-87 1.5/1.6

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