BLOX Racing 68mm Throttle Body Tuner Series (B/D/H/F-Series Engines)


Product Description BLOX Racing 68mm Throttle Body Tuner Series (B/D/H/F-Series Engines)
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BLOX Tuner Series 68mm Throttle bodies are 8mm larger in diameter than the OEM 60mm Throttle body.
This results in a 23% larger opening for incoming air and dyno proven 12-15 whp gains (modified engine with port matched intake manifold opening). BLOX Tuner Series throttle body comes with a new gasket and is a direct bolt on to the factory intake manifold.

BLOX Tuner Series Throttle Bodies are OEM quality castings which appear stock to the untrained eye. This throttle body might pass  the required general car inspection in Belgium.
Incl Gasket.

Applicable to:

-Civic 88-91
-Civic 92-95
-Civic 96-00
-Civic 95-01
-CRX 90-91
-Del sol 92-98
-Integra 95-00
-Prelude 92-96
-Prelude 97-00

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